Gives a helping hand to farmers.

Farmer's Hands 

Early disease detection for calves and precise breeding solutions. 

Monitor the health status of each cow and manage your calves with out app. 

Uncomfortable manually managing your cattle?  

Enjoy managing your calves

easily and conveniently with our app! 

FarmersHands makes precise breeding possible

by collecting data on and monitoring

calves’ suckling, rumination, cough frequency, 

rest time, eating, physical activity, and more.

A pioneer in good husbandry, FarmersHands uses

precise signal analysis technology

to extract specific and accurate information

to make precise preceding possible. 

Precise signal analysis 

Analyzes delicate movement signals using a sensor on the calf’s neck.  

Collects precise information on daily suckling, rumination, cough, rest, eating and activity. 

Comfortable-to-attach and reusable sensor provides early disease detection. 

Accurate grasp of behavior. 

FarmersHands has analyzed over 1.4 million hours of data using Al Behavior Analysis.

Various agencies have verified the accuracy of all data analysis identifying calves’ main behavior.

Accumulated data time. 


Accumulated disease notification. 


Accumulated cough. 


Precise Breeding Environment. 

Through the app, check the health status of each individual calf

to create a precise breeding environment that manages the growth of your calves. 

1. Check the calf's health at any time and respond quickly to signs of disease.

By monitoring the behavior of each calf 24 hours a day,

 you will not miss the treatment window. You can take immediate action.

The current death rate of v=calves for farmers is 13.2%. 

Through the use of our product, we have been able to lower that rate to 1%

*Evaluation of 'excellent' of demonstration tasks by presidential agencies. 

2. It helps increase farm revenue.

FarmersHands early disease detection alerts assist farms in taking prompt action, 

leading to improved calf weight gain and reduced individual variations

In an empirical study comparing a group that took actions based on FarmersHands alerts

and a group that did not, the results showed a significant increase in weight gain, 

with an average increase of 12.4kg per individual. 

Additionally, the study observed a decrease in individual variations and a lower proportion of calves with low weight gain. 

Ensuring the growth of a healthy herd 

begins with detailed management from birth.